Los Angeles
18.42.040 Uses. All buildings erected, reconstructed, altered, enlarged, moved, or maintained, and any existing building and the land upon which it exists, shall be used only for the purposes permitted in the zone in which such building or land is located and then only after applying for and securing all permits and licenses required by law. Any building or structure moved from one lot or premises to another shall be made to conform to all the provisions of this chapter and shall be of the general character of the existing buildings in the neighborhood or better. C. Unlawful Uses. Uses such as medical marijuana dispensaries that are unlawful under federal or state law shall not be treated as permitted uses, and shall not be determined to be similar uses pursuant to this section. (Ord. 1738 § 24, 2012: Ord. 1711 § 3, 2008; Ord. 1683 § 56, 2006; Urg. Ord. 1682; prior code § 10-3.2104)