18.34.140 - Prohibited use. To reiterate and reinforce Section 18.04.020 of this code and the interpretation of the Zoning Code of the city of Lincoln, marijuana dispensaries are not listed as an approved use in any zone in the city of Lincoln; accordingly, marijuana dispensaries are prohibited in all zones and anywhere in the city of Lincoln, and no conditional use permit shall be issued therefore. (Ord. 785B §2(part), 2005: Ord. 780B §2(part), 2004) 18.34.210 - Cultivation of medical marijuana. No person may engage in the cultivation of medical marijuana in the city of Lincoln. It is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance for any person or persons owning, leasing, occupying, or having charge or possession of any legal parcel or premises within any zoning district in the city to cultivate medical marijuana. (Ord. No. 893B, § 2, 10-28-2014)