18.190.095 Cultivation of medical marijuana a prohibited use. (a) Outdoor medical marijuana cultivation as defined in Section 18.25.1872 is prohibited in all zones. For purposes of this subsection, “outdoor” means any location that is not totally contained within a fully enclosed and secure structure. (b) Indoor cultivation of medical marijuana is prohibited if it is visible from streets, sidewalks, other places freely accessible by the public or a place where an enforcement officer (as defined in Section 18.25.1035) has a right to be. (a) Violations of this section shall not be deemed a misdemeanor, infraction, or crime of any kind. Any violation of this section shall be subject to civil enforcement remedies available by law, at the discretion of the city. (Ord. 12-2014 § 2, 3-4-14.) 18.190.100 Dispensaries for medical marijuana a prohibited use. A medical marijuana dispensary as defined in Section 18.25.1875 is prohibited in all zones and no use permit of any type shall be issued therefor. (Ord. 16-2006 § 2, 7-25-06; Ord. 12-2014 § 3, 3-4-14. 1990 Code § 8-22137.1.)