Reminder: No One’s Lacing Your Halloween Candy With THC

Every year, some law enforcement agency issues a warning about THC-laced candy in the Halloween stash. And every year, it remains a baseless urban legend with little historical precedent.

The idea that drugs or razor blades may be hidden in your Halloween candy is a mythos that sociologist Joel Best refers to as “Halloween sadism.”

“Halloween sadism is the belief that there are people that tamper with Halloween treats. I’m not real big on horror, but I think that Halloween is supposed to be scary. Most of us have stopped believing in ghosts, so we believe in criminals,” he told Leafly.

Criminals do exist, but they’re more likely to rob you than give you a drug freebie. According to Best, the tainted candy myth is closely linked with the War on Drugs. That’s when the annual warnings first began.

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