Public Universities Eligible for 2022 Cannabis Academic Research Grant

Public universities in California that study cannabis legalization may be eligible for new grant funds through the California Department of Cannabis Control.

The 2022 Cannabis Academic Research Grant is open to public universities across the state. Only one proposal per applicant for a given research project will be considered, though applicants can submit more than one proposal “if the proposals are for separate and distinct research projects or activities.”

Prioritized topics, according to the DCC, include the health of the cannabis industry, California’s legacy genetics, cannabinoids and potency, monopolies and unfair competition, and medicinal use of cannabis.

“While research project proposals that address all or a portion of a priority research topic will be prioritized for funding, DCC will also consider research proposals that address other topics that further public understanding of the effects of cannabis legalization. It is the Department’s hope that the research resulting from these grants will advance the body of scientific knowledge about cannabis and prove beneficial not only to California policymakers, but also to those across the nation and world,” according to the DCC.

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