Oakland and San Jose Named Best Cities for a Cannabis Vacation

Around 16% of Americans now report using cannabis. For some, cannabis use is part of a lifestyle. Cannabis-friendliness can even factor into decisions about where to live, work or travel.

The website Upgraded Points recently conducted a study to determine the best cities for a cannabis vacation. It found OG legalization states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California to be the friendliest of all.

To determine the rankings, Upgraded Points examined the 50 largest cities in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Factors under consideration included average cost of round-trip airfare; average nightly price at weed-friendly accommodations; the number of weed-friendly Airbnbs; rideshare costs; number of dispensaries; average cost for a quarter-ounce of weed; number of guided cannabis tours; average price for weed-friendly experiences on Eventbrite; and the number of fast food restaurants.

The 10 best cities for a cannabis vacation according to Upgraded are:

1. Denver, Colorado

2. Portland, Maine

3. Oakland, California*

4. Boulder Colorado

5. Portland Oregon

6. Scottsdale, Arizona

7. Henderson, Nevada

8.Colorado Springs, Colorado

9. San Jose, California*

10.Las Vegas, Nevada

Oakland and Spokane are the most cost-efficient destinations for a cannabis vacation, the study found. A 4-day “canna-cation” in Oakland costs around $1,135.

Read the study here.

List and data were compiled by Upgraded and do not reflect statistics on all cities.