CA Marijuana Company Falsely Inflates THC Content, Lawsuit Claims

A California-based cannabis company is being sued for allegedly inflating the stated THC content on its pre-rolled joints.

DreamFields Brands, Inc. offers products with as much as 46% THC. The lawsuit — filed by Jasper Centeno of Long Beach and Blake Wilson of Fresno — cites testing performed by Weed Week, showing much lower levels (23-27%).

False THC content listed on the company’s "Jeeter" joints constitutes unfair competition, false advertising, and negligent representation, the lawsuit claims. It would also be a violation of state regulations, which require the THC content on a package to be within 10% of the actual amount.

Products with higher THC content are more desirable and sell for more money. As CalMarijuanaNews reported last year, a number of laboratories have been caught fudging THC percentages for businesses.