What is ‘Clean’ Weed and How Can You Get It?

Demand for organically grown cannabis and concentrates that don't involve the use of chemicals is on the rise. It’s part of the larger movement toward “clean” products — not unlike the demand for organic produce at the grocery store.

“Everyone — especially in California — wants things that are cleaner,” Jetty co-founder and chief executive Ron Gershoni told the Los Angeles Times. “Not just the finished product, but the process itself. And there is no question that using solventless extraction is a cleaner process because you are not touching any solvent.”

Jetty’s fastest growing product is its solventless vape which is extracted from only ice, water, heat, and pressure. That's unique because, typically, concentrates are made with a process that involves butane or ethanol.

“It’s our No. 1 product, and we’re struggling to keep it in stock.”

It’s not just Jetty. A growing number of companies are jumping on the clean weed train.

So how can you get your hands on clean products? The Times has some tips:

  • Always buy from a legal dispensary.
  • Check the label for an “OCal” designation. If the product is a vape, look for the words “solventless” or “rosin” as well as language like “100% cannabis, nothing added.”
  • Talk to your budtender about your desire for a “clean” product.
  • Consider these brands specifically: Jetty, Pax, Rose Los Angeles or PodTones.

If all else fails, be patient. Clean weed represents about 1% to 2% of the market share right now. But as demand grows, so will supply.