Mendocino Tourism Industry Begins Promoting Cannabis

The cannabis industry is a big part of Mendocino County’s economy, generating $271.97 in per capita sales and $25,572,114 in total taxable sales in the first quarter of 2021. Now, it’s officially being promoted by the local tourism bureau, the North Bay Business Journal reports.

“Earlier this year, Visit Mendocino County, the region’s tourism bureau, took over cannabis marketing from a now-defunct organization, the Journal reports. “On July 1, at the start of Visit Mendocino County’s new fiscal year, cannabis was included among its communication pillars in the organization’s $1.8 million budget, said Executive Director Travis Scott.”

“As an industry, they've never had a lot of marketing focus put on them,” Scott said. But that’s changing. Visit Mendocino County now has 9 pillars: cannabis, wellness, culinary, open space, animals, murals, harvests, throwback tourism and Mendocino cooperatives.

Check out the Cannabis section of Visit Mendocino County’s website here.