Hermosa Beach Approves Marijuana Deliveries

The Hermosa Beach City Council voted 4-1 to legalize cannabis deliveries within city limits at its meeting on Aug. 9. Mayor Mike Detoy cast the dissenting vote.

City leaders hope the vote could help blunt momentum for a Nov. 8 ballot measure that would allow up to two retail cannabis facilities in the city. That measure would also exclude cannabis delivery to the retailers selected by the city. The city is opposed.

A ban on cannabis deliveries was passed by the City Council in 2017. That policy seemed at odds with the 2016 vote on Prop 64, which was supported by 70% of Hermosa Beach voters. A June 2022 poll also found that 53% of residents favored legalized cannabis sales in the city.

Delivery operators in Hermosa Beach must hold a proper permit. Violators could face fines as high as $30,000.