Does Lompoc Have Too Many Cannabis Shops? Some Businesses Want a Cap.

Lompoc leaders could enact a moratorium on new cannabis businesses in the city amid concerns that a glut in the market is resulting in too much competition.

The request for changes comes from existing cannabis businesses which say there are too many pot shops in a city of just 45,000 people, especially at a time when inflation has dampened demand for cannabis and other non-essential items. Unlike many other municipalities, Lompoc took a laissez-faire approach to commercial cannabis.

“It would vastly change the current ordinance on the books so we want to be very careful about how we move forward on that,” Lompoc Mayor Jenelle Osborne told KSBY.

The city has issued 46 cannabis licenses with another 16 applications pending. There are 11 retail shops open in Lompoc.

The city council will begin discussions on potential changes beginning Sept. 20. Those discussions are expected to last for months.