A Look at the “DANK” Bill – New Cannabis Research Legislation Filed in Congress

Two federal lawmakers introduced a bill last Wednesday that would establish an agenda for federal cannabis research in the United States. The legislation is titled the Developing and Nationalizing Key Cannabis Research Act, which would make it “DANK” for short. (Was that intentional?)

The bill would facilitate research into the efficacy and safety of cannabis for various medical conditions; the effect on high-risk populations; the nontherapeutic impacts of use over both the short term and long term at varying levels; the appropriate dosages and modalities for use; and the myriad public safety considerations.

In order to obtain the information, the bill calls for “surveillance activities to collect population-wide data on cannabis use.” Universities could apply to the National Institutes of Health to be declared “Centers of Excellence in Cannabis Research” under the bill.

The bill was authored by Reps. Scott Peters (D-CA) and Dave Joyce (R-OH).

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