Study Finds 100% of California Dispensaries Check Youth for IDs

If you’re under 21 and you walk into a legit pot dispensary in California, prepare to be kicked out. Yet another study has confirmed that California’s licensed retailers are diligent about checking IDs and don’t serve patrons under the legal limit.

Researchers with the Journal of Safety Research sent young-looking people into 50 California dispensaries at random to see if they would be carded. There was a 100 percent compliance rate.

100 percent.

“It appears that licensed California recreational marijuana outlets avoid selling marijuana to underage customers,” the researchers said. “One reason could be a strong incentive for recreational marijuana outlet owners and managers to avoid being shut down for an illegal activity.”

And there’s nothing special about California. The researchers found similar compliance in Washington and Colorado.

Kids have a lot of problems these days. Legalized weed isn’t one of them.