Lawmakers Advance Bill That Would Allow Weed Sales at Farmer’s Markets

Imagine going to your local farmer’s market and picking up a gram of weed with your rainbow chard. Well, we’re one step closer to that reality.

The State Assembly Committee on Business and Professions passed AB 2691 (Wood) on April 28. It would allow cannabis cultivators to sell their products directly to consumers at “temporary events” like farmer’s markets.

The bill comes with caveats, of course. A cultivator would need to get a specific license to sell at these events and would be limited to eight farmer’s markets per year. It could still be a boon for cultivators, who are facing overwhelming challenges in California right now.

AB 2691 is facing some opposition from within the cannabis industry. Dispensary owners are opposed. They’re having a tough time in California too, and they’re worried about increased competition.

AB 2691 heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee next.