California Gets Closer to Legalizing Cannabis for Pets

The state’s four-legged friends are one step closer to being able to enjoy the benefits of weed.

Assembly Bill 1885, sponsored by Assm. Ash Kalra, was passed by the Assembly Business and Professions Committee on April 19 and is now headed for Appropriations. The bill would allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis for therapeutic use in animals and directs California’s Veterinary Medical Board to develop guidelines for these recommendations.

“With mounting evidence supporting the beneficial role of cannabis for animal use, pet owners need the best information on safe and responsible use,” Kalra wrote in an emailed statement. “AB 1885 would ensure that veterinarians are able to use their expert judgment to recommend regulated medical cannabis products for the animals in their care.”

Veterinarians are currently allowed to discuss therapeutic cannabis for pets. That was made possible by AB 2215 in 2018. However, veterans are not allowed to recommend use. As a result, many forgo discussions about cannabis altogether.