More Cannabis Lounges Coming to West Hollywood

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully in the rear view mirror, a number of new cannabis consumption lounges are slated to open in West Hollywood.

The Artist Tree will open a consumption lounge this month on Santa Monica Boulevard, three blocks west of La Cienega, according to LA Eater. The Artist Tree has a license to sell both medical and recreational marijuana and will feature a full cannabis consumption lounge and an edibles lounge.

Aeon Botanika will open its doors in April or May, serving tea and wellness services. It was originally scheduled to open in 2020. We’ll let you guess what happened there.

Another lounge called Monica’s House will open this summer at the former Schoos Design studio space on Santa Monica Boulevard. It will be “one of the most beautiful places to ingest cannabis in the region,” says LA Eater. Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson are investors.

The first consumption lounge to open in West Hollywood was the Original Cannabis Cafe. It was doing great until the pandemic struck less than six months after its debut. It’s still closed but there are plans to reopen later this year.