Rob Bonta Marks 25th Anniversary of Prop 215

Twenty-five years ago, California became the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis through Prop 215. State Attorney General Rob Bonta marked the anniversary at Cal NORML’s 25th Anniversary of Prop 215 Celebration on Nov. 5.

Bonta said the measure started a national discussion on cannabis policy that culminated in adult use legalization decades later and which will almost certainly lead to federal decriminalization in the future.

“Each day we continue to make history,” Bonta said in a video message that played at the event. “California is the world’s fifth-largest economy. We are number one in the nation for many things, like starting new businesses. We are number one in manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, tourism, technology and college graduates. And we are also number one in the world for legal cannabis. Our state has the largest legal cannabis market in the world.

But there is more work to be done, Bonta acknowledged.

“We need smart regulation smart law enforcement, streamlined licensing systems and the removal of other barriers that keep cannabis unsafe and underground,” said Bonta, noting that hoards of unregulated cannabis continue to damage the environment and undermine legitimate enterprise. “I believe the cannabis market can become fully legitimate and prosperous. I’m optimistic because I’ve seen the progress that can happen when everyone with a stake in the outcome comes to the table to figure out solutions.”

Watch the video here.



Monday, November 29, 2021 - 08:26

California’s cannabis cultivators are getting a tax increase next year.

As of Jan. 1, the following increases will go into effect: