Lawsuit Could Upend Fresno’s Fledgling Marijuana Industry

The City of Fresno is facing another lawsuit over its scoring process for prospective marijuana businesses. If the plaintiff, Perfect Union, is granted a stay from the court, it would halt the permitting process entirely. That means no cannabis storefronts could open their doors in the city.

Perfect Union says it spent at least $100,000 on its plans to open a dispensary at 45 E. Minarets Ave. It ultimately lost out on the permit after points were deducted for failing to include educational information on the owners’ resumes. Perfect Union says it did include the educational information and has provided exhibits to that effect. In addition, Perfect Union alleges some of the requirements were not enumerated in the Application Procedures and Guidelines but were detailed only after the scores were complete. Perfect Union was docked points for failure to provide “sufficient detail” about its social equity plan even though the city never outlined the details it wanted businesses to provide, the lawsuit says.

“Our position is fairly simple in that we believe that our application was denied because we did not provide information that was never requested in the application materials by the city. When we learned of the additional information the city wanted we tried to provide it and the city said no. This was not a fair and transparent process,” Perfect Union’s general counsel Arturo Sanchez told GV Wire.

Fresno has issued 21 preliminary cannabis retail permits but none of the dispensaries are yet open.

Read the lawsuit here.