Going Green: Is Sustainable Pot Packaging the Way of the Future?

State regulations on cannabis packaging often mean lots of unrecyclable plastic. With more cannabis consumers becoming conscientious about the environment, businesses are looking for ways to make their packaging more green.

Fumé, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Rutherford, is among those who’ve traded traditional packaging in for more sustainable options. But the switch wasn’t cheap. The glass tubes for pre-rolls and child-resistant paper boxes cost Fumé hundreds of thousands of dollars, chief marketing officer Ian Hackett told Marijuana Business Daily.

Hackett thinks it’s worth it. It’s better for the environment and caters to a growing niche of clientele who care about their impact on Mother Earth.

John Hartsell, CEO of marijuana packaging company Dizpot, helps businesses when they want to go green. So do companies like Packwolves in San Juan Capistrano, Calyx Containers in Allston, Massachusetts, and N2 Packaging Systems in Twin Falls, Idaho. N2’s CEO Thom Brodeur says his more sustainable packaging options can cost businesses an extra 10%-19%.

Substituting glass or polypropylene is one way to be more environmentally responsible. Local sourcing is too. And in the future, businesses hope they’ll be able to package cannabis products in their own skin — hemp.

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