Terminally ill patients granted access to cannabis in hospitals

Terminally ill patients in healthcare facilities will now be able to use non-smokable forms of cannabis to ease their pain under legislation signed by Gavin Newsom last month.

Under Senate Bill 31, the Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or “Ryan’s Law,” end-of-life patients may use their own medical cannabis in healthcare facilities, though no cannabis will be provided to them. Hospitals may reasonably restrict the manner in which cannabis is stored and used to ensure the safety of patients, guests, and employees.

Newsom had vetoed a nearly identical bill in 2019. In the intervening years, lawmakers worked to clarify state and federal rules and federal authorities made clear they had no strong position on the matter.

“Currently, the US DOJ is prohibited to use any federal funds to interfere with state medical cannabis laws, and the Biden Administration has made every indication that it will not interfere with state cannabis laws, medical or recreational,” according to a press release from the bill’s author, Sen. Ben Hueso.

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