Bill to Decriminalize Psychedelics Shelved Until Next Year

2021 will not be the year that California decriminalizes psychedelic drugs. Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has shelved SB 519, which would decriminalize the possession of substances like hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, and Ecstasy.

Although Wiener’s legislation “moved significantly farther than anticipated," more time is needed to "lay educational groundwork with members and the public to ensure the bill's success,” he said.

Democratic lawmakers are split on the bill and some still have significant concerns about safety. Isolated incidents like this one haven't done much to assuage those concerns. Earlier this month, a 22-year-old man shot and killed a tourist in a Florida restaurant and then began dancing as people screamed. The suspect told police he “was high on mushrooms, which made him feel empowered.”