Napa Cannabis Advocate Among 46 Candidates in Gubernatorial Recall

Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office has released a certified list of 46 candidates vying to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election on Sept. 14. One of them is a Napa cannabis consultant and lobbyist named Jackie McGowan.

McGowan has been helping cannabis growers and retailers get in compliance with state and local regulations for several years. Cannabis is her passion and she’s running on a platform of fixing the regulatory environment so that safe, legal cannabis can flourish the way it was supposed to under the spirit of Prop 64.

McGowan recently sat down with the Napa Valley Register.

“I’m highlighting cannabis because we (in the industry) have been pushed aside for so long,” McGowan said. “This isn’t a game; this is literally life or death right now. The cannabis industry is in crisis, and it cannot be ignored any longer.”

McGowan said she’s disillusioned by Newsom’s leadership. He jumped on the cannabis reform train early but then largely ignored the needs of the industry, McGowan believes.

She’s proposing tax cuts for cultivators, distributors, and retailers as governor. Specifically, McGowan says she’d drop the cultivation tax on cannabis entirely while lowering the excise tax. She also wants more pressure on local governments to legalize commercial cannabis activity.

Read her interview with The Register here.