Fresno will allow seven additional cannabis dispensaries

Fresno’s marijuana retail industry is expanding before it even gets off the ground. The City Council has increased the number of allowable marijuana retail permits from 14 to 21. The June 10 vote was 4-3 with Garry Bredefeld, Luis Chavez, and Mike Karbassi voting no.

"I'd rather before we allow more stores to open, we get the black market in order and we also get this process in order so we can show we can handle the influx of these new facilities," Karbassi said, as quoted by ABC 30.

The way to get the black market in order, said Councilmember Nelson Esparza, is to bring more businesses out of the shadows and under the city’s purview. The Chamber of Commerce is also in favor of the expansion.

Fresno plans to issue all 21 permits by early December. The applications are currently being reviewed by the city manager’s office.