How Weed, California Learned to Love Weed, the Plant

Despite its fitting name, an open posture on cannabis policy didn’t come naturally to Weed, California. The small city at the base of Mt. Shasta wasn’t quick to embrace cannabis. And as Mayor Susan Tavalero tells KCRW, she wasn’t either.

That’s changing. The town of 2,500 is now home to two marijuana dispensaries. The City Council recently greenlit a self-contained cannabis growth facility. After a difficult year, cannabis is providing an opportunity for welcome revenue.

“I mean it's not going to make us millionaires, but it is helping. Anything helps at this time with COVID, when we've lost a lot of tax money. And I'm assuming it's only going to get better,” Tavalero told KCRW’s Madeleine Brand.

As for her town’s name, which has nothing to do with pot, “there comes a point when you have to embrace it, or you could just make yourself crazy," she says. "So I will go with the joke, but then I also will put my two cents in. Come visit us. We're a great little town.”

Listen to the interview here.