Steve Urkel Gets Into the Cannabis Biz

The nasally nerd in suspenders who stole America's heart 30 years ago is back with a brand new venture. Steve Urkel, aka Jaleel White, has moved on from chasing Laura Winslow and is diving into the world of pot.

Through a partnership with 710 Labs, White has released a new cannabis line called ItsPurpl. White’s line features variants of the popular cannabis strain Purple Urkel. White’s new company will launch April 20, considered a holiday for cannabis users.

The brand will start in California and could eventually move to other states and marketplaces. The series of White’s strains will be available in eights, vape pens, and noodle doinks. The logo for White’s brand of cannabis features a purple Steve Urkel character on sleek black packaging. Merchandise with the logo will also be sold. — Black Entrepreneur

For our Gen Zers out there, White starred in the famous sit-com “Family Matters” from 1989-1998. It remains one of the longest-running series to feature a predominantly Black cast.

Exit question: Would Big Guy approve of Urkel’s new business?


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