Former Hawthorne Mayor Launches “Mayorijuana” Weed Brand

Former Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown has started his own cannabis brand — and he’s got the perfect name for it. “Mayorijuana” will offer top quality pre-rolled blunts, accessories and apparel for young professionals.

“Mayorijuana is the first cannabis company to be started by a former elected official,” according to a news release.

With Brown’s image behind it, the brand hopes to further normalize the industry

“Mayorijuana is more than a cannabis company. It is a lifestyle brand. Being a former elected official I feel I am in a unique position to normalize medicinal and recreational use among my peers," Brown said.

While this is starting off as a Southern California venture, Mayorijuana is poised to become a multi-state, vertically integrated company.

Brown was elected as Hawthorne’s first Black mayor in 2013. He spearheaded a number of dynamic social and economic programs, including getting cannabis companies to help support homeless veterans.



Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 07:00

The momentum for cannabis liberalization drums along, but it doesn’t come cheap. In addition to grassroots efforts, millions in lobbying dollars have been spent to affect policy change.