Cannabis Companies Encourage Consumers to Recycle Package Waste

Some California cannabis companies are encouraging their clients to go green in more ways than one.

High Times reports that San Jose’s Airfield Supply Co. is trying to cut down on cannabis packaging waste by offering rewards to patrons who bring their packaging back in. The company will partner with Sonoma County cannabis manufacturer CannaCraft, recycling company Resynergi, and others to convert the plastics into diesel fuel.

Laws on weed packaging have contributed to the problem of excessive waste.

“Child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging is mandatory in California but often that means brands use extra plastic to achieve compliance, and that contributes a massive volume of single-use plastic, including some 2 million single-joint tubes to the state’s waste stream and landfills each year,” Airfield Supply Co. chief marketing officer Chris Lane said.



Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 07:00

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