Study Shows Cannabis Strain May Help Treat Brain Disorders

Medicinal cannabis company Neurotech is touting the results of a recent study showing its low-THC DOLCE/NTI cannabis strain holds anti-inflammatory and neuro-modulatory properties that could treat some neurological conditions.

The DOLCE/NTI strains are unique in that they contain minimal THC (<0.3%), which may result in a less onerous regulatory pathway to commercialisation (any cannabis strain with a THC level above 0.3% is regulated as a narcotic).

The in-vitro studies were conducted at three leading independent laboratories – Monash University, University of Wollongong and RMIT University.

Neurotech previously reported the mode of action and powerful neuro-protective and modulatory properties of these unique strains versus CBD alone. These in vitro findings have been further validated in these final trials. -- Finfeed

The study found up to 60% reduction in brain cell inflammation, increased brain viability, and increased mitochondrial viability and output up to 60%.

Phase 1 clinical trials are the next step. Those are expected to begin in March.