Shop like an ally: Black-owned cannabis businesses in California

The events of the past year have forced Americans to confront social justice and racial inequities with renewed vigor. One thing white allies have consistently been told by their friends of color is that it isn’t enough to not be racist. Those who care about rooting out inequality must be proactive in their efforts. One way we can do that is by supporting businesses owned by people of color. This is especially important in the cannabis space, given the disproportionate impact the War on Drugs has had on Black and brown communities for decades.

Leafly has compiled a list of some Black-owned cannabis businesses right here in California. It includes:

1. Oakland Extracts

1. Peakz Co.

3. Viola Brands

4. SF Roots

5. Ball Family Farms

6. Deuces 22

7. Napalm from Xzibit

8. Lobo Cannagars

9. Club Shady Pines

10. Posh Green Boutique

11. Berner’s on Haight

12. Farmacy

13. California St Cannabis Co

14. Blunts + Moore

15. Mankind

Learn more about these brands and their owners here.


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