Ex-Long Beach Deputy City Manager Hired by Cannabis Retailer, Perfect Union

Arturo Sanchez, who previously served as deputy city manager of Long Beach and as assistant city manager of Sacramento, has been hired as the vice president of legal affairs for Perfect Union, one of California’s premier vertically-integrated cannabis retail businesses.

Sanchez started as an attorney in Oakland’s Neighborhood Law Corps program. He went on to serve as interim assistant city administrator there.

Perfect Union announced its new senior staff on Monday. Greg Sutton, the former chief operating officer (COO) of Harborside Inc., will serve as COO. The company’s senior vice president of operations, Lisah Poore, also comes from Harborside. She was formerly its chief retail officer.



Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 07:00

The momentum for cannabis liberalization drums along, but it doesn’t come cheap. In addition to grassroots efforts, millions in lobbying dollars have been spent to affect policy change.