What to Expect From the Cannabis Industry in 2021

Voting day is finally behind us and a new year is on the horizon. What can we expect for the state’s cannabis industry in 2021?

The Cannabis Industry Journal has some thoughts. The publication recently explored 9 developments that it thinks will affect California’s weed market next year. These include:

  • Expanded banking access for cannabis businesses.
  • A continued rise in cannabis consumption, driven in part by the pandemic.
  • The expansion of local retail permits as more cities allow cannabis businesses to make up for a loss in sales tax revenue.
  • The expansion and fine-tuning of social equity programs.
  • Establishment of appellations of origin — a potential game-changer for cannabis marketing.
  • A possible reduction in pot prices.
  • Ongoing uncertainty or “turmoil” for businesses, especially if prices do drop.
  • Greater consolidation between the various cannabis industry sectors.

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