Election Night Crime Spree Rocks East Bay Cannabis Industry

While most of the nation was watching election returns last Tuesday evening, Oakland Police spent the night chasing robbery suspects who hit multiple marijuana businesses in the city.

The crime spree was large and violent and resulted in several hospitalizations, according to the Mercury News. A jeep rammed into one storefront’s gate. One of the suspects was also shot by police. Oakland Police say at least 50 suspects were involved

The violence unfolded over a chaotic span of more than four hours, as Oakland police were monitoring expected election-night protests downtown. With no clear presidential winner on Tuesday evening, downtown was relatively quiet.

Oakland Deputy Chief Roland Holmgren said the number of robberies and attempted robberies numbered in the dozens. He described the perpetrators as a “caravan of armed robbers.” His department was assisted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. Three officers needed to be hospitalized.