Study Suggests Pot Users Exercise More, Have Lower Body Mass

Cast all the stereotypes of fat and lazy stoners aside. A new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder found that older cannabis users were more likely to exercise regularly than their non-using counterparts. And they’re thinner too.

The researchers looked at Americans of at least 60 years of age. 164 people participated in the the eight-week study. They were assigned to a training program of low-intensity or moderate exercise. They self-reported their workouts and had their body mass index (BMI) checked throughout.

The study found that "older adult cannabis users had lower [body mass index] at the beginning of an exercise intervention study, engaged in more weekly exercise days during the intervention, and were engaging in more exercise-related activities at the conclusion of the intervention.”

Researchers still aren’t sure why cannabis users had a lower BMI. But the findings are important, particularly because of increased marijuana consumption among older adults.

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