A Car Made of Cannabis? It’s Already on the Road.

Comedian Jay Leno has long been known for his collection of unique cars, but his latest ride just might take the cake.

On Wednesday's episode of "Jay Leno's Garage," retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen sells the host on his unconventional 2017 Renew, a car that was designed with the environment in mind. It was "carbon neutral" to produce and made from woven cannabis hemp.

As Dietzen notes, hemp is not the stuff that gets you high.

"You could smoke all the hemp you could want," he says to Leno, "and you won't get high."

Hemp is incredibly durable though, which makes it a reliable and eco-friendly choice for this vehicle. It isn’t too pricey either. The standard model can be purchased for around $40,000.

The first hemp car was actually manufactured by Henry Ford in 1941, according to CNBC