Former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan wants to set up a weed shop in San Francisco. So far, the residents aren’t having it.

Ever wonder what former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has been up to since leaving office? Apparently, she’s one of the many Californians joining the state’s green rush.  

Now out of elected office, former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her husband, Floyd Huen, are embarking on a new venture: a medical marijuana dispensary.

Quan and Huen, a physician, are partnering with Apothecarium to open a dispensary in the Outer Sunset, in a predominantly Chinese American neighborhood in San Francisco. Apothecarium already operates a dispensary in the Castro, but Huen said there is a great need for one in the Sunset.

Some 3,500 patients live in the Sunset and travel to the Castro dispensary, he said.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Quan, her new venture is going about as well as her political career. At a community meeting Thursday, a raucous crowd gathered to oppose the dispensary, fearing it would bring crime into their neighborhood. Tensions ran so high that the it had to be cut short. Read more about the meeting here



Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 08:37

The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has updated regulations governing billboard advertisements after a judge ruled they violate the law on highways that cross state borders.