Pot Group, City Join Forces for Full Legalization of L.A. Pot Shops

There are some 135 pot shops currently operating with “limited legal immunity” in the City of Los Angeles. But, thanks to a move by the United Cannabis Business Alliance, they’re one step closer to full legitimacy today.

Last week a core group of quasi-legal marijuana dispensaries in L.A. threw its weight behind Proposition M, the City Council–sponsored measure that would fully legalize the city's current medical pot collectives and likely would provide permitting for future recreational ones. The measure also would expand the number of legit shops and likely allow delivery services such as Speed Weed to operate in town.

The United Cannabis Business Alliance’s support for measure M is significant because it had qualified its own measure for the March ballot, which would have split the pro-cannabis vote. That measure will still appear. For the sake of unity, however, UCBA representatives are voicing their support for the city council-backed measure instead.

The exact language of Measure M has yet to be hammered out. In addition to fully legalizing the current quasi-legal shops, it could expand the number of legal dispensaries to as much as 495. With passage of Proposition 64 in November, it might also allow medical marijuana dispensaries to convert to recreational sales.


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