Lynwood Votes for Commercial Cannabis Manufacturing

Lynwood is poised to become one of the first communities in L.A. County with a thriving commercial marijuana production industry. In a 3 to 1 vote Tuesday, the City Council opted to allow and license up to five commercial cannabis suppliers to cultivate marijuana in the city’s industrial zones. The properties where this is taking place can’t be within 600 feet of a school or daycare facility or within 50 feet of a residential zone.

Right now, the ordinance applies to medical marijuana but city officials said it could eventually be amended to include manufacturing of recreational pot as well. The measure still needs a second reading; the Council is scheduled to take up the issue again at its Dec. 20 meeting.

“We anticipate that our rigorous rules will ensure public safety, generate local jobs and stimulate the local economy while generating substantial revenue for the city to pay for critically needed city services,” said Lynwood spokesman Robert Alaniz. According to Aaron Herzberg of CalCann Holdings, it could generate up to $5 million in annual tax revenue.

Read more about Tuesday’s vote here.


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