San Leandro Poised to Hand Out Third Marijuana Dispensary Permit

San Leandro opened the door to a third marijuana dispensary last week with a vote to amend the city’s medical marijuana ordinance to include a possible additional permit. But anyone who expected an open bidding process will be disappointed. Mayor Pauline Cutter said the city already has a candidate in mind.

“We have a candidate that is qualified and I would like to award it to Blum,” said Cutter, referring to Blum Oakland who ranked third in the city’s initial bidding process last year. Neither of the other two that received permits are open for business yet.

San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee abstained from the vote, but expressed concern over the approval of a third permit so early after the first two.

“I think we’re jumping the gun since the first dispensary hasn’t even opened and we’ve just about approved the second dispensary in a process that was not an open,” said Lee. “We’re changing the rules on the fly…I don’t think it is wise to rush at this.”

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