Denver Has Run Out of Space to Store Confiscated Pot

It’s been nearly four years since the State of Colorado legalized marijuana, but that hasn’t stopped illicit activity. In fact, authorities in Denver have seized so much illegal pot that they’re having a hard time figuring out what to do with it all.

“Prior to the legalization with Amendment 64, we received small quantities of marijuana, maybe a couple ounces or a few pounds,” said Lt. Cliff Carney, who’s in charge of the evidence and property section for the Denver Police Department. “After 64, we’re seeing huge seizures the come in. We’ll get sometimes 300 to 400 boxes of marijuana at one time on one seizure.”

Authorities have run out of physical space to store the weed—although we can think of a few people who’d gladly volunteer.

“We’re dealing with what we have,” added Carney. “We have a pretty good turnover so we don’t have to keep it forever, but we have to have a place to store it and process it to get rid of it.”

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