Ahead of Prop. 64 Vote, Clovis Takes Stand Against Marijuana

With marijuana legalization potentially around the corner, local governments have a choice to make: resist any lurch towards legalization in their backyards or embrace the added tax revenue it brings.

Clovis is in the former camp.

On Monday, the city council moved to ban commercial sales of cannabis within the city ahead of Proposition 64, while also imposing strict guidelines on personal use and cultivation such as weighty ventilation requirements.

"The big factor is we are going to be able to keep the sales of marijuana out of the city of Clovis", said Police Chief Matt Basgall.

“The talk that it’s great for tax dollars, it’s not there,” the chief added. “The reports show it’s bad for communities.”

If passed, Proposition 64 would legalize recreational marijuana throughout the state. But local governments would still have the right to enact their own restrictions or bans on the drug.