Race Tight as Prop. 64 Drops in Polls

Many California voters seem to be having second thoughts about recreational cannabis. New poll results show support for Prop. 64, which will allow people over 21 to possess small amounts of marijuana, has dropped to 52 percent -- a significant tumble in the past month.

The Survey USA poll, sponsored by TV stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno, identified 40 percent of respondents opposed to the initiative, with 8 percent undecided. The poll was conducted last week among 712 likely voters with a sample error rate of 3.7 percent.

Not surprisingly, the poll showed Prop. 64 enjoys strong support among young voters, age 18-34, where 59 percent favor passage. Among gender groups of all ages, support is far stronger among men than women, with 56 percent of males favoring the initiative. Among women, 48 percent said they would vote yes.

The poll indicates support is strongest among voters with lower education and lower-paying jobs. Support falls below 50 percent among people with four-year college degrees and annual incomes greater than $80,000.

Prop. 64, which had enjoyed around 60 percent approval in polls earlier this summer, has been hit by negative perceptions involving its funding from commercial interests, including hedge funds.

The initiative's lead investor, former Facebook president Sean Parker, has contributed $7.5 million to help pass Prop. 64. Parker increased his gifts by $4 million in the past week.

The torrent of money -- called a "desperation move" by the campaign against Prop. 64 -- comes as media editorials have turned up their criticism of the initiative. The Sacramento Bee advised a "no" vote, and said of Prop. 64, "Too much of it appears commercially, rather than socially driven."

Submitted by: R.E. Graswich