Lynwood Poised to Become First City in L.A. County to Allow Recreational Pot Cultivation

If the push to legalize recreational marijuana should succeed in November, the City of Lynwood might be the first in L.A. County to allow cultivation of pot for recreational use. The City Council approved a new ordinance Tuesday permitting cultivation and manufacturing of medical cannabis that could roll over to allow for recreational weed cultivation right out of the gate.

"Until state licenses are issued people can legally operate under the old system as collectives or cooperatives — under the state attorney general's guidelines," California NORML coordinator Dale Gieringer, explained. Aaron Herzberg, attorney of marijuana real estate firm CalCann Holdings, said all facilities approved for medical marijuana in Lynwood “will be grandfathered in to allow for licensing under Proposition 64 (recreational marijuana) if it passes on November 8, 2016.”

With Tuesday’s 3 to 2 vote, Lynwood is set to become the "first city in Los Angeles county to allow cultivation, manufacturing and extraction including volatile compounds and distribution of cannabis,” he added.

Read more about Tuesday’s vote and the details of the ordinance here.