Desert Hot Springs a Cannabis Boomtown

Beset by budget issues, Desert Hot Springs has jumped ahead on Marijuana cultivation and may be a new boom town, so sayeth the LA Times.

"As the first city in Southern California to legalize large-scale medical marijuana cultivation, Desert Hot Springs has been inundated by marijuana growers and developers. They are buying up dusty desert land — some with no utilities or roads — in hopes of cashing in as California's marijuana growers come into the open under new state regulations."

The Times isn't exactly breaking this news. The Desert Sun wrote a piece last Fall "Desert Hot Springs at front of pot cultivation boom" noting the city, as well as neighboring Adelanto, were becoming "a regional hub for the growing marijuana industry." The Sacbee also was onto DHS and it's neighbors, writing back in March "Desert Hot Springs is home to a pot real estate bonanza, with well-heeled outsiders snapping up land and buildings to develop massive, city-sanctioned grow facilities, capable of producing thousands of pounds of marijuana in multiple yields a year.: 


Managed well, the industry could bring needed revenue: "the city will tax growers $25 per square foot of cultivation space for the first 3,000 square feet and $10 per square foot after that."  

Check out the city's web resources here.