Other States Looking for Cannabis on the Ballot This Fall

Colorado, Washington, and D.C. already did it, who else might be next?

Legalization initiatives are in ready supply in California, but what about the rest of the country?

Including California, marijuana could appear on the ballot in 21 states this fall, ranging from medical marijuana, updating regulations in Washington, or outright legalization in a number of states.

Here is a quick list of the other states with ballot measures potentially lined up for 2016:

Arizona, 6 measures

Arkansas, 1 measure

Florida, 6 measures

Georgia, 1 measure

Idaho, 1 medical marijuana measure

Maine, 2 measures

Massachusetts, 3 measures

Michigan, 3 measures

Mississippi, 2 measures

Missouri, 1 measure

Montana, 3 measures

Nebraska, 1 medical marijuana measure

Nevada, 1 measure

New Mexico, 2 measures

North Dakota, 1 medical marijuana measure

Ohio, 3 measures

Oklahoma, 1 medical marijuana measure

South Dakota, 1 medical marijuana measure

Washington, 2 tax-focused marijuana measures, 1 regulatory measure