Contra Costa
22.41.060 - Allowed Districts. Added Medical marijuana dispensaries may be permitted only in the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) District, Central Commercial (CC) District, Service Commercial (SC) District, and Thoroughfare Commercial (TC) District. (Ord. 1277 C.S. § 2 (part), 2000.) 22.41.065 - Outdoor Cultivation of Marijuana—Restrictions. Added B. Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, no person owning, renting, leasing, occupying, or having charge or possession of any parcel of real property in the City shall cause or allow such parcel to be used for the cultivation of marijuana plants of any kind or type, outdoors, or within public view, within any zoning district in the City. Cultivation includes the cultivation and possession of both female and male plants at all stages of growth, mature or immature, clones, seedlings, and germinating seeds. (Ord. No. 1380 C.S., § 7, 5-7-2014)