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Los Angeles County election update - What happened and what does it mean for local governments?

California City News publishers Mike Madrid and Robb Korinke join commentator RE Graswich in reviewing the Los Angeles City and County elections to assess what trends voters might be telling us. Land use, candidates races, Latino voters, female candidates and low voter turnout all make for an insightful discussion.
Published March 21, 2017

Whats behind PG&E's cutting energy rates for Marijuana farmers?

PG&E announced that it will now be offering agricultural rates for energy to marijuana growers. This first in the nation change may bring changes to a select group of growers but for the vast majority of indoor growers this may be more public relations than substance.
Published March 14, 2017

Chilling effect on California's Green Rush

The Trump administration has signaled that it may again start cracking down on recreational marijuana. States like California tha have passed measures could find themselves in the crosshairs. 
Published March 7, 2017

Danville - Just Say No

While California has voted in favor of marijuana legalization, some cities and towns, like Danville, are still voting no.
Published Fenruary 28, 2017

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Comes to California to talk Cannabis

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper visits the California Senate to discuss his states successes and failures with legalization of cannibas. 
Published February 21, 2017

New Laws To Watch In Sacramento

We breakdown new legislation being created to regulate and essentially alter the marijuana industry.
Published February 14, 2017

UC Davis begins offering Cannibas Courses

UC Davis has announced that their 2017 course curriculum will offer a new class specifically on "The Physiology of Cannibas". The course will be focused on the science of Cannibas and will be a biology course.
Published February 7, 2017

Will Trump Penalize California By Attacking Cannibas

As Trump continues to wage war against California over sanctuary policies, will the new marijuana industry be punished as a casualty of the quarrel?
Published January 24, 2017

Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

So what is law enforcement to do now that marijuana is legal and we have no objective standard for driving under the influence of marijuana?
Published January 17, 2017

UC Davis Study On Teens & Marijuana

Are we 'normalizing' marijuana use among teenagers in states that have legalized recreational pot? Is that the point of all of this anyway? Your hosts RE Graswich and Mike Madrid examine a UC Davis study that looks at teen perceptions of marijuana before and after legalization and find some disturbing facts.
Published January 10, 2017

Governemnt Regulations Feat. Jeff Kolin

Mike Madrid and R.E. Graswich are joined by former Santa Rosa and Beverly Hills City Manager, Jeff Kolin. The crew discusses local government regulations across a wide breadth of cannabis products.
Published November 15, 2016

Cannabis Legislation Feat. Amy Jenkins

Hosts Mike Madrid and R.E. Graswich are joined in studio by Amy Jenkins. A legislative advocate with Platinum Advisors, to discuss recent cannabis-related legislation.
Published November 8, 2016

Proposition 64: Impacts on Local Government

This episode of "Closed Session" tackles the ins&outs of Proposition 64 the November measure that seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in California. Mike and Bob discuss the little known impacts of the measure and what city and county officials should be thinking about in the event that Prop 64 passes.
Published November 1, 2016

Closed Session: Introduction

Your hosts of 'Closed Session' Mike Madrid and Bob Graswich introduce the show with descriptions of what topics will be covered and how we'll be handling marijuana/cannibas issues that impact state and local government.
Published October 25, 2016


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