‘Nerds’ Candy Sues California Cannabis Company

California-based Tops Cannabis is being sued by the candymaker that manufactures Nerds — a popular pea-sized confection that comes in colorful, dual-flavored boxes. The candymaker says Tops has been marketing a parody of its brand, which the cannabis company calls “Medicated Nerds Rope.”

The concerns go beyond intellectual property rights. The THC-infused candies can be confusing to children and violate state laws governing edibles, the lawsuit says.

As Marijuana Business Daily notes, cannabis companies have been sued by a number of candy manufacturers in recent years. Mondelez Canada Inc., which makes Sour Patch Kids, took legal action over an edible called “Stoney Patch Kids” last year. 



Sunday, November 22, 2020 - 19:00

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