The Parents Are Alright: Study Finds No Cognitive Issues in Older Marijuana Users

Older people with chronic pain issues can use cannabis with no apparent ill effects on cognitive function, a new study has found

Researchers from the University of Haifa in Israel examined the cognitive abilities of 63 long-term medical marijuana users and 62 non-users over the age of 60. They found no significant difference in cognitive function between the two groups.

“These results suggest that use of whole plant [Medical Cannabis] does not have a widespread impact on cognition in older chronic pain patients," the researchers said. “Considering the increasing use of [Medical Cannabis] in older populations, this study could be a first step towards a better risk–benefit assessment of [Medical Cannabis] treatment in this population. Future studies are urgently needed to further clarify the implications of late‐life cannabis use for brain health.” 



Sunday, November 22, 2020 - 19:00

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