Cannabis Farms Go Up in Smoke

More than 600 wildfires have caused untold devastation across Northern California, and outdoor cannabis farms are among the many losses.

“There are a ton of farms that are located in the fire’s path. No one’s out of the woods yet. This is just starting,” a Sonoma County cannabis grower, Keala Peterson, told Marijuana Business Daily. Her small family farm lost about four-fifths of its crops.

Farms are threatened in Santa Cruz and Yolo too.

“It’s been heartbreaking to watch the cannabis industry go through so many tough challenges, all in a row and year after year,” Ellen Komp, CANORML’s deputy director, told L.A. Weekly. “Losing WAMM would be especially tragic, since it is such a pioneering and compassionate organization, the one on which we modeled SB420 and its medical cannabis cooperative gardens.” 

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