Vacaville Will Let Voters Decide on Commercial Pot

Voters in Vacaville will get an opportunity this November to tax and regulate cannabis. Last week, the City Council voted to place a measure on the ballot. Commercial cannabis is currently prohibited in Vacaville.

Approval of a tax will be the first step. To legalize marijuana businesses, a Municipal Code amendment would be needed, associate planner Christina Love said.

Taxes on retail would not exceed 6% of gross receipts. Taxes on testing businesses would not exceed 2%. Cultivation taxes will vary but will not exceed $10 per square foot of canopy space for facilities using only artificial light; $7 per square foot of canopy space for buildings that use a mixture of natural and artificial light; $4 per square foot for businesses that use no artificial light; and $2 per square foot for nurseries.

“The cumulative tax rates for all businesses would be 29.77 percent,” according to The Reporter

A number of municipalities that had once prohibited cannabis are turning to commercial regulation to boost revenue during the pandemic.



Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 08:19

A concerted effort by federal, state, and local officials to crack down on illegal cannabis cultivation has led to the destruction of more than 1.1 million plants over a 13-week period.